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HDPE Conveyor Roller/Plastic Roller/ Nylon Roller
Product Description
HDPE ,also called(High Density Polyethylene) using 3,000,000 molecular weight ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, with long wear life, does not adsorb iron, with belts and low coefficient of friction, can greatly extend the life of the belt.
HDPE conveyor idler with sealed maintenance-free lithium grease lubricated bearings, with flexible operation, long life, maintenance-free advantages.
HDPE conveyor idler in the same condition, with more than five times the life of steel rollers, use a long time.
Light weight HDPE conveyor roller, one steel roller dichotomy is only one-third of ceramic roller, and extremely easy to replace, while the energy-saving effect is obvious.
HDPE conveyor roller is safe, environmental protection, and only half of the steel roller noise, effectively eliminating noise pollution and improve the working environment.
Mining---coal, iron ore, gold,
Coal process plants
Coal fired power stations
Import/export terminals
Steel plants
Fertilizer plants
Cement plants
Gravel plants
Samples delivery: International Express FEDEX, UPS, TNT, DHL, EMS, Airmail;
Bulk Products Delivery: By Air; Sea; Truck; Train;

Payment terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union.
Quality Control
Roller Radial Run-out
Roller Axial Displacement
Roller Rotation Resistance Factor
Roller Axial Displacement after Falling
Roller Rotation Resistance after Falling
Roller Axial Carrying Capacity
Company Introduction of SHUNDA
Founded in 1996, a big specialized manufacturer of conveyor products in China. Our main series now include conveyor belts, roller, idler, pulley and conveyor frames. Outputting 3000 meters of conveyor belt daily, we are able to meet all clients' requirements, regardless of order size and quantity. Shunda has always been taking the lead in international market and domestic market. We have been issued ISO9001 certification for our manufacturing and sales systems.At present, we have already exported to many countries, America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Russia, Australia.

Registered capital is USD17 million. Our main products include steel cord conveyor belt, EP, Nylon conveyor belt, PVC PVG whole core fire resistant conveyor belt, sidewall conveyor belt, tear and fire resistant steel cord conveyor belt, conveyor idler, roller, pulley, frames more than 100 types and sizes. Conveyor belt width we can reached 3000mm.conveyor rollers Pricelist